Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Random Days: Goodbye, of sorts

It's very sad to write this blog post.. but this is a goodbye of sorts. I might be back in a week, or a fortnight. It might be a month or never. But I want a blogging break.

There are more petty reasons I could mention: reader numbers and comments. I am unbelievably grateful for every reader, comment and view I have got since I started. You guys are awesome. But it is very dispiriting to at another blogger who has been going for a month (compared to my 6) and has 10 times more readers than I do.

The bigger reason though is passion. If you're passionate enough, you can blog to nobody for years and be perfectly happy, because you just want to do it. At the moment I don't have that passion. I just don't want to blog enough to do it when nobody is particularly reading.

This is not an easy decision, or one I've made happily. I might end up back here in a week because I miss it so much! But whatever, you guys have been awesome. Thank you ♥

Love B xxx

Monday, 28 November 2011

NOTD- Stargazer Nail Polish in 117

Catchy name eh?

This nail polish has me divided really. In the bottle (and very occasionally, in the right light) this is a beautiful coral-red. Most of the time though? It's orange. Which is nice, if you like orange. I'm not a huge fan really! It reminds me of this:


Betty Draper from Mad Men, for those of you looking confused (via here.) I know the colour isn't really the same, but it made me feel... I don't know, very fifties for whatever reason! This took 2-3 coats, and wear is fairly good, with a little tip wear. I do love how sheeny and shimmery this is.

You know what? I'm still divided. I like this. A bit. Maybe. Or not. Who knows?

You can get this for £2.50 from the Stargazer website.

Love B xxx
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