Monday, 30 May 2011

Beauty LAT 104: Gosh X-Ceptional Wear Foundation says 'Stop Ignoring Me!'

GOSH X-Ceptional Wear foundation is something else I came across in my ‘must get pale foundation’ spree, and I’ve kind of ignored it for a while. See… I’m a bit scared of it. It’s one of those foundations where, if you get it right, it looks SO good. As in airbrushed perfection. But it’s quite easy to get wrong, and so out of about the first 5 times I tried it, I loved it once, which makes it difficult to choose as a good everyday foundation.

The issues I had were these: this is a very high coverage foundation. Which I like actually (I’m going somewhere with this I promise). But if you put too much on you will look like you are wearing make-up (although that can work in a vintage 40s pin-up way). The other big issue is that it clings to dry patches pretty badly and cakes on them. When I first got this I didn’t have a primer to smooth those bits over, so that issue pretty much killed this foundation at first.

But then I got a primer. And I gave this foundation a proper test. I wore with it, with a primer on my dry patches, on a tough day. It was hot, I went on a long walk uphill with my dog, I took the train from home to uni home (a 4-5 hour trip) carrying heavy suitcases and with a train change in London and in Kent to deal with. Long hot day, lots of exertion, about 12 hours worth of time to last me. So let’s face it, a day that would kill most foundations stone dead. This one… lasted. And lasted well. My major check-up was in London at 10pm, so about 10 hours after application. Admittedly my nose coverage (the oiliest part of my face) had mostly gone, but I expected that, and a quick powder sorted it out. My cheeks and chin and forehead coverage were flawless, and I was so pleased! By 1am when I got home it was suffering more, but after 12-13 hours that’s pretty good going.

So really this ought to be my perfect foundation. My shade Porcelain, no.11, is super pale, it’s high coverage, lasts really well and it’s reasonably priced and accessible (I believe most Superdrug stores carry the line, their website says £7.99 although I’m sure I remember it being more than that, but hey it’s even cheaper now anyway!). And yet… I almost never pick it up to wear it. Recently I was reminded of how stupid this was. I did a mini makeover trying products the other day and used the GOSH with my Sigma Flat Top Kabuki Brush. This is the photo on my Twitter from that mini experiment:

And another:

Look how perfect my cheeks look! No cakiness even with no primer (better brush, more moisturiser). I’m not trying to show off, just trying to point out how stupid I am to not use it if it works. Anyway, I’d forgotten about these photos, and then yesterday looked at my Twitter photo and went ‘I look really good in that. The colour and the coverage is really good!’. I then had a brain fail. I couldn’t remember what base I was wearing! Anyway 10 minutes later I pulled my rubbish brain together and scolded myself. Ok this isn’t the easiest base. But it looks so good when done right, and for that I can make the effort more often. So I’m going to make an effort to not forget this and actually use it.

Honestly though, if you want all the things I mentioned for a base and you don’t want to spend a lot, give this a go. Be careful with dry patches but I think it’s worth trying.

Rating: 8.5/10

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