Saturday, 21 May 2011

Beauty Life and Times 101: My face and its wilful ways

So as I want to start off going with beauty reviews, here’s some hints about my face to help. I always think the reviews that are most useful to me are the ones where you can see someone has the same face colour as you or has the same skin type and you can get a sense of whether they’d work for you.

Skin: … This week? Pretty much disintegrating. See I had an exam this week, a big one, and my skin went ‘OH GOD I CAN’T COPE!!!!’ which was massively helpful. Thanks skin. Generally though, oily T-zone especially my nose, normal cheeks which have now turned dry and sensitive and many spot/acne scars/blotchiness. A whole range of loveliness then really! What’s attracting me at the moment is gentleness, anti-acne and pore clogging, not leaving it oily and making it even.

Hair: Again a bad area. My hair is huge, mad, frizzy and a nightmare, but occasionally (very occasionally) awesome. It’s long, very dry, very very curly and volume-d up to the eyeballs without any help. So products that moisturise and control are big for me.

Make-up: Skin colour wise, I’m very pale. I know a lot of people say that, but I’m pretty much ghost white. I’d say I’m an N5-10 in MAC terms and that I’m neutral for undertones, though I think I’m more Cool than Warm. For me it’s annoying because a lot of the time the palest foundation in a range is way too dark. But I don’t care. I LOVE being pale. Even in the British sun (we aren’t exactly tropical let’s face it) I’m usually covered in Spf30-50 because I’m paranoid about being burnt, or even really having a tan. I have dark reddy-brown hair and dark brown eyes and I love the Forties Hollywood look.

That’s probably a good head start J

Luxie xx

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