Saturday, 21 May 2011

Here We Go (again)

Why hello there :)

I've tried to start a blog before and frankly... failed. It probably didn't help that I was doing a degree and was busy, but still... failed. I'm not convinced this will last, but it's got to the point I wanted to try it so badly again that it's restarted and I want to do it as best I can.

Some things you should know:

1) Hi. I'm Luxie. I live in Canterbury right now, and have just finished my degree, so I'll soon be off home to live with my parents again. Prospects: nil. Exciting times ahead obviously.
2) I wanted to do beauty posts quite a lot recently, so there will be a lot of those, but it will hopefully expand to other things like book, movies, poetry (I write occasionally) and life in general.
3) ... I can't be bothered to think of anymore right now!

So welcome blog. You are born!

Luxie xx

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