Monday, 30 May 2011

Random Days: Estee Lauder Double Wear trial

Soooo I've tried the Double Wear! I tried it yesterday from about 7pm to 4am (I'm really a night owl) and I've had it on for the last few hours. Yesterday was to test wearability and today to check the colour.

Firstly: wearability. This stuff... is tough. I remember someone describing it as 'bomb-proof' which sums it up pretty accurately! It can be quite heavy feeling (although it will depend on how much you put on) but that isn't a huge issue for me. Essentially after my first trial, pretty much nothing had come off. I had to double cleanse (something I rarely do as my skin doesn't like it) just to get the damn stuff off. It was particularly ironic as I'd just been thinking how well my new cleanser gets off other foundation! So it is hardcore this foundation, but if you are looking for that it's not a problem.

Today's test (in slightly better but not great lighting) was to see whether the colour matched properly. From yesterday... I had my doubts. But I wanted to give it a proper chance. As a warning, bare face coming up...

Terrifying. I do apologise. Next primed with Shu Uemura UV Under Base Mousse (not a primer I love but I wanted to give it as fair a trial as possible):

Again, I apologise. Then we have the base. Now I know the lighting isn't great, but I didn't want to use flash so it would be as natural as possible. If you just look at my face it's ok:

But then you add the neck in:

Yeeeeees. Bit too pink! The problem I think I have here, as in a fair few ranges, is the tendency to have Warm or Cool shades. I believe my skin is Neutral, although with a more pink tint.

So will I buy the full size?... No, probably not. As I say, a bit of pink I can get away with, but this is too much. My Clarins Everlasting Foundation (which has a slightly more pink tint and is longlasting) really covers everything this foundation could do for me, but is a bit better colour. Not perfect, but better. I'm really glad I gave it a trial though!

My next mission is secret (it's all rather dependant on an eBay listing, so you understand the need for secrecy). Tomorrow I am hopefully going to try for a sample for that, and will of course inform you if I get anyway.

Luxie xx

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