Saturday, 28 May 2011

Random Days: What To Do?

So I wanted to do a quick post, felt bad for starting and getting distracted!

Essentially I've been trying to think of how I want to run the blog, what categories of posts to do (I love categorising things but am completely rubbish at actually sorting everything) and just generally what to do with this lovely blog! I have a few reviews written, need to get photos done, also massively need to work on writing shorter reviews cos the ones I have done are quite long :/

Feeling a bit lost this week I must say. Now I'm SO glad exams are over, but I'm feeling quite useless now. My housemates are very industrious and have about 97 jobs between them, so they're always working. I'm under no illusion that my lack of job is from my own laziness, although also combined with bad circumstances, so that isn't helping. In addition my 'yay I have free time!' mood is descending into 'Oh God I'm so bored I want to learn something NOW'. Shopping has been useful at taking up time, but is very damaging for the bank balance, so I now have to stop after today's horrendous expenditure!

So really... I'm stuck. I want something to do... but I don't want to do any of things I should or could do (and believe me that covers a lot of stuff). Which... sucks.

On the plus side had a MAJOR shop today (please someone keep me away from No. 7. And Laura Mercier. Bad things will happen if not.) and got some lovely stuff, might do a NOTD tomorrow! Also pleased my spare make-up is selling on eBay to make a little money back :)

Anyway, hopefully some actually good posts will be up soon! :)

Luxie xx

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