Friday, 19 August 2011

Beauty LAT: Botanics Conditioning Clay Mask Review

I got this a while back because I needed a new mask, as my Body Shop one had sadly dried up.

This is a very runny mask compared to the one I'd been using before, it's very thin which does mean it dries fairly quickly.

The catch with this seems to be the time needed: the recommended time on the bottle is 10-20 minutes. In my opinion you kinda need this: what it seems to do is dry, and then as time passes you can see the oil and gunk coming out of your pores.

This works particularly well on my oily nose with lots of blackheads, as it clears them out really well. On the rest of my face, it's a bit blah. It doesn't seem to help spots much or brighten that much. Being thin, it does rinse off really easily, which can be a pain with mud masks.

It's a nice enough mask, pretty gentle and good for a light clear out. If you want something to really deep clean your skin though, you'd be better off looking elsewhere.


You can buy this at Boots for £4.98 or online here.

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