Saturday, 13 August 2011

Beauty LAT: elf Liquid Lipsticks Review

This, for me, is an example of how not to name a product.

When I ordered these, the idea of them being 'liquid lipsticks' gave me a certain level of expectation, particularly about how pigmented they would be. Which is annoying. Because they're a bit lacking in the pigmentation department.

It comes in a twist up tube- I like the idea, but it took so so long when I first bought it to get the colour up, I think I twisted for about half an hour!

It's a shame because these are perfectly nice products- like a lip balm or non-sticky gloss, they give a nice sheer wash of colour. Here is Ruby Slipper (I have 2 but I've no idea where the other one has gone. Also sorry for my hideous non-made up skin!).

You can just see it on my lips- lovely sheer hint of colour.

As a light lip balm then, this is a lovely product. As a lipstick though, this fails for me. The colour payoff is nowhere near high enough, and doesn't particularly last that long.

5/10, good for a sheer colour and for the price.

This retails for £1.50 on the elf website.

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