Sunday, 14 August 2011

Beauty LAT: Sleek Pout Paint Review

I thought it fitting, just after reviewing the elf Liquid Lipsticks, to show a new product that has no problem with a lack of colour!

I spotted these on my shopping trip this week: the Sleek Pout Paints (as distinct from the Pout Polish lipbalms).

I hadn't even heard about these being brought out, and they've only been out a week or so. The line that hooked me was the promise of it being a 'highly pigmented lip stain'. I'm a sucker for a good lipstain!

I got: (l-r) Port, Pin Up and Peek-a-bloo.

Port is nice, but has a little too much fuchsia for my liking. I do love Pin Up, it's a gorgeous red. Peek-a-bloo I actually really like! It's a shame that it's sky blue, because it's a bit crazy for day wear, but for dressing up it would be amazing.

The first claim, the 'high pigmentation'- they really aren't joking. This really is a liquid version of a lipstick. They say on the tube 'a little goes a long way', and I completely agree with that. You need to put these on carefully with a lip brush if you don't want to look like a kid playing with your mum's make-up.

Pin Up applied with lip brush.
 The second claim of being a 'lip stain'... it is. Sort of. It's more like a long lasting lipstick than a lipstain per se. A lipstain to me dries instantly, whereas this is a liquid and can smudge off if you aren't careful (blotting after applying helps a bit). It does last for ages though, even a full meal didn't get much of it off.

A warning though: this does stain, to its credit. But it stains everywhere, lips and fingers and whatever you get it on. It's a bit of a nightmare to remove (I still had some on the back of my hands after I'd washed up). It also means getting the application right first time is pretty crucial. I'd recommend lots of baby wipes and cotton balls to get it all off!

I am now multicoloured.
In short, if you treat this as a liquid, long-lasting lipstick, you'll love this. Great colours, cheap price and lasts ages. For those looking for a low maintenance lipstain, you'd be better looking elsewhere!

8/10, as it's a bit more high maintenance than I'd ideally like.

These are priced at £4.99 from Superdrug, and I got these on a 3 for 2 offer.

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