Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Random Days: I shouldn't be allowed to exercise

In recent months I've been trying to do more exercise. I've talked here about my problems in recent years, which have really led to a lack of exercise and my weight creeping up. My weight really suffered last year, when I had serious sprains on both ankles (we're talking hospital visits because I thought they were broken, crutches and limping for months), so again exercise was very low.

Since I've been home, I was hoping to try and kickstart it again. I take our dog out most days, and I've done a little routine with push-ups and so on in the dead of night every day, partly because I look totally ridiculous when doing then, and partly because I'm a night owl and that's when I have energy.

It all fell apart a bit last night though. I was walking around my living room (I walk a lot with music on around our ground floor, looks insane but I enjoy it) when my ankle buckled under me, I fell on a coffee table and managed to collapse it. At 1am. My mother looked slightly bemused when she ventured downstairs to find out what was going on.

So I need to exercise. But being the unbalanced heffalump I am, it's clear I should spend my life in rooms with padded walls and cushions on the floor so I don't break me or anything else.

... I can't really win can I?


Love Bex (I'm using my real name from now. Exciting times.) xxx

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