Sunday, 28 August 2011

NOTD- L.A. Girl Rockstar Nail Polish in Addict & more

So in my recent Cherry Culture haul I also got 3 L.A. Girl polishes from their 'Rockstar' collection. I've never been a big glitter girl if I'm honest. It's a pain to get off, and it can make you look like a 6 year old if you aren't careful, and honestly it's a bit too girly girly for me.

However recently I've been eyeing up some glitter polishes, like the Deborah Lippmann ones, and they look so gorgeous! When I saw these, I thought I've give them a go (they only cost me $2.80 each).

First we have Groupie.

This is my least favourite. It's a pretty shimmery purple with a little duochrome going on. I want to like this (it is really pretty) but I just didn't take to it. If you love a good blue purple this is lovely though.

Secondly we have Rock Star, a black with a fine glitter which looks pink and yellow.

This wasn't as exciting as I'd hoped as the lovely sparkle in the bottle isn't massively obvious when you get it on the nails, but is probably the closest thing you can get to a work friendly sparkle (maybe).

Thirdly, and my absolute favourite!

 This is GORGEOUS. It's called Addict, and it's a cranberry red with chunks of gold glitter.

 These are really probably not work friendly (depends how liberal your work is I suppose) but what they are, are big sexy rockstar nails. I want to pair these with loads of eyeliner, lots of bright lipstick and swooshy hair. Formula wise it's not mindblowing, kind of average. This was 3 coats, it dried relatively unsmudged (I did give it a while). No major chips after 5 days, but lots of tip wear.

You want big sexy nails? This may be your answer. I want to go buy all the others now!

From Cherry Culture.

Love B xxx

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