Monday, 24 October 2011

Beauty LAT: Kleenex Facial Cleansing Range

So recently I mentioned I picked up a few items from the new Kleenex face range. I thought I'd do some mini reviews on the things I picked up.

Kleenex Extra Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes

I'm a big fan of face wipes, I hate using eye make-up remover and tend to just use wipes to get all my make-up off before I wash my face (it's a budget method for double cleansing). The only thing that tends to irritate me is that they can dry out very quickly which can mean they drag when trying to remove heavy eye make-up. And so we come to these wipes. I LOVE them! They are really wet (it was still wet 8 HOURS after I'd used it!) and lovely and soft. They aren't perfect for really tough eye make-up (the kind nothing but cleansing oil will get off) but they are really very good otherwise. I'm definitely stocking up on these!

Kleenex Facial Cloths

I don't know about these. I can see a lot of uses- not so much for daily use, but for travel, for removing heavy make-up, for getting off hair removal cream, for homemade face masks (you could soak them in toner, rosewater or witch hazel) and just generally for emergencies. I can't help thinking though... they seem like a waste. They are supposed to be eco friendly, but you still have to throw them away, and they just seem a waste compared to a normal washcloth. I will keep these for the reasons above, but I can't justify buying these for everyday use sadly.

Kleenex Oil Removing Sheets

I've used oil blotting sheets on and off for a while- they were a boon when I was a very oily teenager, but now I just tend to get more dewy than oily on my T-zone. Still, these are handy to have around! I wouldn't recommend dragging them across your skin, as that seemed to take off a lot of powder. I found they were better when dabbed on the oily parts, and they did a decent job. These are ok, but I'm not sure they're a repurchase for me (love the colour of them though, they're bright purple!)

All in all this is a decent attempt by Kleenex to get back into a tough market, and with the facial cloths they are trying something which I haven't seen elsewhere. I do love the wipes a huge amount, and will keep buying, the other stuff... maybe not. But definitely worth trying!

Love B xxx


  1. Great review! I may have a look at the blotting sheets, just because they look adorable (is that bad?) but I agree with the fact that they're wasteful.

  2. Thanks my lovely :) seriously the actual blotting sheets are sooooo cute haha! Definitely not bad :D Yeah they really are! Great for emergencies and travel, massively wasteful for everyday! xx


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