Friday, 28 October 2011

Beauty LAT: A moisturiser to improve sunscreens...

So following my recent post on sunscreens, I briefly mentioned a product that could improve the dreaded greasy sunscreen. I always use a moisturiser with sunscreens- my skin is combination, and while my T-zone would be happy without any more product, my dry cheeks need something more. I also find that sunscreens can tend to just sit there and not really sink in- so 20 minutes later your face is no less greasy than it was when you first put it on. Enter this...

The Body Shop Mattifying Seaweed..... As a moisturiser on its' own, it's a bit rubbish. Maybe ok for the very oily, but it doesn't add that much. On top of sunscreens though, it performs a mattifying miracle. I apply my sunscreen and let it sink in for 10 minutes. I then apply a dollop of the moisturiser (and this is quite important) I rub it in. After a minute or two it rubs down to a lovely matt finish. I didn't find myself overly oily through the day either.

It has a rather gloopy jelly like texture.
I have to confess I don't use this often. My skin is a little too dry and I'm using other products which work better. But if you want to use your expensive but useless sunscreens and not look like a greaseball, this is definitely worth trying, even just occasionally as I do so they weren't a complete waste of money!


Love B xxx

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