Sunday, 16 October 2011

NOTD- L.A. Girl Rockstar Nail Lacquer in... um... Rockstar. Plus Seche Vite!

This is from the Rockstar collection from L.A. Girl which I talked about before here.

I'm not overly impressed by this polish. It has an amazing holographic glitter finish in the bottle, but it doesn't translate that well at all on the nails. You can try supersizing the top picture, you might be able to see the glitter if you look really hard! It's an ok polish otherwise- opaque in two coats but it's chipped and got a lot more tipwear than I'd like.

But other more exciting news... I finally bought Seche Vite! This is my second time using it. It takes a bit of time to get used to (like using it over wet polish) but I love the fact it dries so quickly and I don't end up with loads of dents like I used to. It isn't indestructible, but I feel like I'm giving my polish more of a chance now.

Love B xxx

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