Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Beauty LAT: Sunscreen Rundown Part 2

So part 2 of my big sunscreen review is here! These reviews are a little longer (I don't have as many new ones to review) but I'm sure there will be a part 3 at some point (I'm a bit obsessed with sunscreen).

Clarins Spf 40 UV Plus Day Screen

The astute and ample memoried of those among you might think 'hang on... wasn't this reviewed before?'. That was the new version, this one is the old one (consequences of buying on ebay without proper research). It's not as matte as the new version, but sinks in well after 10 minutes (and that's over a moisturiser). The proof is in the using- I've been using this daily for a good few months and it's good. It's not perhaps exceptionally, but it fits in very well and does what I want it to. Obviously don't seek this out (I'd probably just get the new one) but it isn't the end of the world if you accidentally buy the old one. 9/10

La Roche-Posay Spf 50+ Fluide Extreme Anthelios XL

I've read so many rave reviews of this, talking about how light and non-greasy it is. I find this SO greasy! Ok, I'm maybe overexaggerating a tad, but it isn't matte by any stretch of the imagination. The only way I can wear this is with a very mattifying moisturiser on top and that keeps it in check. On the plus side, even on bare skin this isn't irritating (I might even say soothing) and it's lovely for dry/sensitive skin. I wouldn't recommend it for the oily skinned, but for cold winters when we get dry and sore skin, this might just be a winner. 7/10 (with room for improvement).

Avene Eau Thermale Spf 50+ Emulsion

A bit of a disappointment. I love Avene (they make my favourite ever moisturiser) but I wasn't a fan of this. I found a little irritating on bare skin (not like 'OW' but tingly) and it's quite greasy (though I will review a product soon which can make it more usable). The big bugbear of this for me is the smell. You know that Vitamin E smell (I'm thinking mostly of the Body Shop range). This smells of that really strongly. Smells don't bother me much, but I really hate this one. It's not the worst sunscreen ever, but there's enough negatives that mean it isn't really worth it for me. 4/10

Garnier Ambre Solaire Sheer Protect Face Spf 30

I barely even tried this before I threw it away. Greasy, greasy, greasy. 1/10

Garnier Ambre Solaire Light & Silky Spf 20 Protection Milk

The first body sunscreen! I really like this. It's somewhere between a sunscreen and body lotion. It sinks in well (though my skin is normal rather than dry), has a light fragrance which won't destroy your perfume, and is nicely usable on a daily basis as opposed to just on a beach. I only have the Spf 20 version (that was all that was in stock and I want to try and use it up) but there are higher versions. Very good. 8/10

The Sun Mousse Spf 30

I wanted to adore this, as it promised to be easy to use and non-greasy. Unfortunately I find this a little sticky on my skin upon application, and it doesn't leave my skin as smooth or non-tacky as I'd like. It isn't horrendous by any means, this is particularly good on large areas (like say legs if you're wearing shorts or a skirt) and it is easy to spread. 6/10

Dr Brandt UV Spf 30 High Protection Face

I acquired this through a swap with the rather amazing (in every way) Charlotte from Lipglossiping. Sadly I'm rather disappointed with it (especially as its rather pricey at £30). This is very greasy on me, so much so to be pretty much unusable. The worst thing is the packaging. It comes with an airless pump, which is supposed to be hygienic, but the seal has come apart meaning that you pretty much have to open it up to get it out. Totally not worth it in my opinion. 1/10

Phew! No doubt there'll a part 3... I really need to stop buying sunscreens!

Love B xxx

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