Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Lipstick Forever #4: Chanel Hydrabase Lipstick in 81 Rouge Peche

As a tiny warning, I think this might be discontinued, I've had it about 5 years so it's quite old!

Packaging: This is Chanel, so it's obviously going to be understated and have a bit of sophistication. It is a bit unsatisfying though- this is an older product, I think the current Chanel designs are prettier than this. It's very nice, but I don't find it particularly exciting.

Colour: Yes it's coral. Yes it shouldn't work on me, a neutral-pink toned girl. But actually... I really like it. There's a definitely pinkyness to it which stops it being that kind of orange coral I just can't wear.

Application: The formulation of this is very nice, for a lipstick it feels very smoothing and a tiny bit moisturising. I found this easy to apply even with the strong colour.

 Kiss Test: Not the worst I've seen, but there's more coming off than I'd like.

Lasting Power: Again not terrible, but after a meal it wasn't just faded, rather it was completely destroyed. As it is a creamy moisturising lipstick rather than a matte finish, it is probably to be expected that the focus is on colour and smooth application rather than lasting power. Apart from the meal, it lasted decently for about 3 hours before that.
I really like this lipstick on balance. I prefer it if it was a little bit longer lasting, but it's such a beautiful colour and lovely to wear!


Love B xxx

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