Monday, 10 October 2011

Lipstick Forever #5- Mac Ruby Woo (Matte)

This was a birthday present from the lovely Dani amongst others!

Packaging: Classic Mac. Very uncomplicated, but very pretty and very grown-up. I'm not over fond of the lid shape though if I'm honest.

Colour: It's... red. That's the closest I can get. I think this is a much more orange red, but in certain lights it can look more like a true red. So perhaps it's an orange red, but isn't too difficult to pull off if orange isn't your colour. Sorry, I'm rubbish at judging the undertones in red!

Application: This is one of the tougher lipsticks I own to apply. The matte finish makes it drag a little, and it definitely applies better if it's a little warmed up. It doesn't bother me too much, but it does make me think carefully about whether I've got time to apply it properly. As with most pigmented lipsticks, you have to apply carefully to not end up with looking wobbly, but you can apply from the bullet if you're ultra careful.

Kiss Test: There's pretty much nothing coming off this baby.

Lasting Power: Um... here blog readers, I fail you. I can't actually remember (it's taken me ages to write up this review and I've been busy). I think it falls under the 'decent lasting power as long as you don't eat or drink' category, as I *think* it got ruined when I had a meal. But really to qualify a lipstick as good it needs to last about 4 hours (which is a breakfast to lunch kinda time span) and it wouldn't have problems doing that.

I do like this lipstick, even with it's orangey side, but it isn't one to reach for every day for me. I love a matte finish, but it can be a little drying and a bit tricky to work with if you're in a 'no effort' mood. I love this more for evening- it's a great party lipstick because it's so vibrant! 

5/10 for day, 7/10 for night- 6/10 overall.

Love B xxx

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