Thursday, 2 June 2011

Random Thoughts: Bah Humbug

Question: If you see someone looking gorgeous (whether a friend or someone famous) do you feel happy for them? Or do you, as I did today, get overwhelmed by waves of crippling jealousy?

I want to admit it. I find it hard not to compare myself harshly to others. I'm not particularly happy with any aspect of the way I look. On a rare day, I can scrub up and look a bit better, but that's the exception rather than the rule. It's particularly hard when this happens with friends.

Particularly irritating is when people complain of how fat they are, or how bad their hair is or something, and you stand there thinking 'But I'm way fatter than you are... so how does that make me feel when you say you're too fat? I would KILL to look like you!' And then you feel so guilty for thinking badly of someone you don't want to. The key issue is how often you do it. Once a fortnight, when you're having a bad day, is acceptable, for me (I have a massive tendency towards self-loathing) it happens once every 10 minutes.

Where am I going with this?... I don't know really. Just to say: be thankful for what you have (and remember to be thankful.) However critical you are of yourself, believe me, someone will be longing to look like you.

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