Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Foundation Forever #2- Soap & Glory Show Good Face 2 in 1 Foundation and Primer

Product: Soap & Glory Show Good Face 2 in 1 Skin Energizing Foundation & Primer
Shade: The Fairest of Them All
Price: £11, from Boots
Finish: Dewy, bright.
Skin Type and Colour: Combination (dry sensitive cheeks, oily T-zone). Very pale (N10 in Mac) neutral toned, but slightly more pink.

 Packaging: Outside, it's the typical Soap & Glory retro cuteness, I'm a little disappointed by the actual bottle though. It's a bit bland and forgettable.

Colour: This is the palest shade- I wish it was a little paler. It doesn't look unnatural (it's quite sheer and you can easily blend it in) but if there were a paler shade I'd get that one instead. I can make do with this though. Not a wide range I believe though, just the 6 shades. Love the name though!

Please ignore how hideous I look in these... eurgh. 

Application & Coverage: It goes on and blends very easily. The coverage is definitely sheer to low, this will not cover up a lot at all! However it does have a lovely brightening effect, particularly on my cheeks. Even though it is brightening, it's dry within seconds.

Best Way to Apply?: Fingers are fine, I think brushes would be fine too.

Lasting Power: Because it is such a sheer coverage, it's difficult to estimate lasting power. I would say it's ok, I'm not sure there was much left by the end of the day though.

Thoughts: This isn't usually my type of foundation, but actually... I like it. It's lovely for a little coverage for low key days. I'd probably say it was comparable to a tinted moisturiser in that respect. I do wish it had a bit more coverage, low would be fine but this is very low, it's more for evening out than covering blemishes. I do like the primer being in there so you don't have to use a separate one. I like it and will use it, not entirely sure it would be a repurchase though!

Rating: 8/10

Love B xxx

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