Monday, 28 November 2011

NOTD- Stargazer Nail Polish in 117

Catchy name eh?

This nail polish has me divided really. In the bottle (and very occasionally, in the right light) this is a beautiful coral-red. Most of the time though? It's orange. Which is nice, if you like orange. I'm not a huge fan really! It reminds me of this:


Betty Draper from Mad Men, for those of you looking confused (via here.) I know the colour isn't really the same, but it made me feel... I don't know, very fifties for whatever reason! This took 2-3 coats, and wear is fairly good, with a little tip wear. I do love how sheeny and shimmery this is.

You know what? I'm still divided. I like this. A bit. Maybe. Or not. Who knows?

You can get this for £2.50 from the Stargazer website.

Love B xxx


  1. It's a lovely colour even though orange makes me think of medicine :p so that's saying something :) x

  2. Ugliest thing these nails done poorly, cuticle be done, if the glaze should look beautiful, I do not buy it, because the way you hurt these nails, enfeiam any enamel


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