Thursday, 24 November 2011

Sigma and Illamasqua Shipping Offers

Just a quick note...

Illamasqua is offering free shipping til midnight on Friday. The code for the UK is 'FREEUK11'. There is also free international shipping (only over £50 though) which is 'INTERNATIONAL50'.

Also, and possibly more exciting for non Americans, Sigma also have free international shipping tomorrow! Sigma make amazing brushes (I'm a huge fan of their F80 kabuki brush, which is like the elf Powder Brush but a million times better. It has literally made foundations amazing just using this brush!). With free shipping and the difference in currency conversion, it makes them very well priced. I have the F80 and F82 and they are both really good quality, no dye running or shedding. If you've been eyeing them or any others up it's definitely worth taking a look! This offers run from 9am to 5pm US Central Standard Time- as far as I know for UK readers that means around mid afternoon onwards tomorrow, you'll be able to see whether it's started from your shopping cart I imagine.

Will you be taking advantage?

Love B xxx

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