Saturday, 19 November 2011

NOTD- Nyx Carnival (Deborah Lippmann Dupe)

I've been obsessed with the Deborah Lippmann glitters for a while now. They are soooo gorgeous! But... they are £16 and half of them aren't even available anymore. Cue sad face. However in happy news, I now own a dupe for Lippmann's 'Happy Birthday'!

No photos I could take of this summed up how awesome it is! The formula- ok, it's kinda rubbish. This was 2 or 3 coats (brain fog). It took forever to dry, the only reason you can't see how wobbly it looks is because the base is clear. As with most glitter polishes, the distribution of glitter can be quite uneven. But honestly, I don't care. This polish makes me so happy! Every time I caught sight of my nails I felt a smile coming on. It's truly a carnival-esque polish! And it did last a week before chipping.

You can get this from Cherry Culture.

Love B xxx

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