Friday, 18 November 2011

Random Days: I hate my skin!!

This is not so much a post as a rant.. but seriously. I hate my skin right now. The thing is, I ought to be grateful. Compared to when I was a teenager, full of hormones and covered in acne, my skin is frickin awesome. But I am not. Because it is driving me crazy.

I seem to have all skintypes in one. It's sensitive, dry, oily, with blackheads and acne... so what on earth am I supposed to use on it? I've been wanting to do a skin routine forever, but I have no routine. Instead, I have something akin to a skincare wardrobe. I have at least 5 different serums, none of which I really like. Even more moisturisers. I just feel like I'm forever playing catch-up while it throws another hissy fit. I go for a moisturising sensitive formula, I get blocked pores up to my eyeballs (and above come to think of it). I go for an oily formula, my cheeks turn bright red and physically hurt.

I'm not saying I haven't found hero products which I love. I have some I completely adore, and I'm thankful for it. But then I've bought 'miracle products' which my skin hates too. I just wish I wasn't endlessly googling products in confusion because I have no idea whether my skin would love it or freak out. Skin. I'm begging you. PLEASE BEHAVE.

Have you got misbehaving skin? Any tips?

Love B xxx

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