Friday, 25 November 2011

Review: Along Came Betty 'Hey! Sugar Sugar' Scrub

I picked this little (I say little, it's kinda big and very heavy!) scrub when I was at Tesco a few weeks back.

Yesssssssssss I know, another retro style range! It's cute, but there are so many now. Still, ignoring that, I love the packaging of this. 'Travel friendly' doesn't exactly spring to mind with this glass jar, but I actually love it.

It's a very thick sugar scrub with an oil base. It smells exactly like Sleek's Pout Polishes, which have this vanilla icing scent. I didn't think I'd like it but it's actually rather nice (in the right mood of course). What I love about this though, is the combination of sugar scrub and oil base leaves my skin so so soooo soft! I hardly ever moisturise on my body because my skin is just normal, and doesn't really need it that often. I love this because I don't have to feel guilty for not bothering with moisturiser. Just make sure if you shave anywhere that you do it before using this, as the oil makes it impossible after. All in all, I will definitely be using this all up!

This range is solely found at Tesco, I purchased this for £5.99.

Love B xxx

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