Friday, 11 November 2011

Lipstick Forever #6- Kate Moss for Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Shade 8

Packaging: It is simple packaging, and not massively luxe, but I actually think it's ok. It's certainly better than the neon pink of some of Rimmel's other lipsticks. It's maybe a tad flimsy feeling though.

Colour: I LOVE the colour of this. I almost never buy this kind of lipstick colour, but I really should! It's a beautiful dusky tea rose. It's not a MLBB shade, but still very wearable for day without being 'LOOK AT MY LIPSTICK'. 
Application: This goes on fairly well, I would say that with Rimmel lipsticks I tend to find that it can emphasise the wrinkles and cracks on my lips (where I didn't think I had that many). A bit of lip balm underneath is a good idea!

Kiss Test: Ohhhhh I forgot to do one! Fail. A little bit comes off, but nothing worrying.

Lasting Power: Because this is a semi matte rather than a full on mega glossy affair, it lasts quite well. You will have to top up after a meal or hot drink, but it fades pretty evenly and wears well.

7.5/10- pretty good, although I'm not overly enamoured of the formula.

Love B xxx

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