Friday, 16 September 2011

Beauty LAT: Some goodies from MUA and Sleek

I was really excited to try the MUA Pro range when it was released and have been looking for it ever since. Except.... I haven't seen it anywhere. Not a single shop. Nada. I must have been to 7 or 8 Superdrugs (some quite major ones) and it doesn't seem to exist! So I gave up and ordered a few bits from online....

MUA Pro Matte Foundation

MUA Pro Heaven and Earth Palette

MUA Pro Starry Night Palette
Although I'm not a huge shimmer shadow fan, these two palettes are really beautiful and have fantastic pigmentation, especially for the price! I already had Shade 2 of the Matte Foundation, which I was given by the lovely Lena from The Student's Guide to Nail Polish, but it was sadly too dark (this was before they were up on the website so I didn't know where it stood in the range). I bought Shade 1 instead to try out.

I also went shopping and found the Sleek Oh So Special Palette which I had my eye on. I do like it, although the shades and names are a bit eclectic.

Despite not being much of an eyeshadow girl, I seem to be getting a fair few palettes lately!
Love B xxx

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