Wednesday, 7 September 2011

NOTD- 30s Half Moon Nails

With 30s half moon nails being a big trend at the moment, I'd thought I'd give you my take on it:

For this, I used a coat of Mavala Elle Grey (the free one from last month) first. I then marked out half moons at the base of the nails with French nail tip strips, and then painted Nails inc. polish in Victoria onto the top part of the nail. After 20 minutes or so I pulled the strips off. 

I'm a bit torn about these nails- although I did the half moons a bit higher than they were meant to be (they aren't so much a small section, they are more half a nail of the grey and half red) but I actually like that! They kinda remind me of gangster spats like this:

Via here.
 All of which is immense. The polishes I used though were pretty rubbish! The grey wasn't too bad, but the red was HORRENDOUS- I have had so much tip wear and smudging, and have had to top them up so much they look a bit of a mess. Not impressed really!
I'd definitely have a play with this style again, as I love the look of them, but I'm definitely going to find some better polishes and a great top coat as they are really fiddly and easy to ruin if you have to keep topping them up.

Love B xxx

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