Friday, 23 September 2011

Lipstick Forever #3- Sleek True Colour Lipstick in Cherry

Packaging: I'm a bit unsure whether I like this Sleek packaging. It is certainly unfussy, but it kinda lacks something for me. Although being small and light makes it easily transportable, it also means it lacks some of the presence you get with a metal case.

Colour: I found this colour SO annoying to photograph! It's actually a deep pink fuchsia blend, but it seems to look really red in these photos! There's a hint of red in there, but it really is pink.

Smudged to show the pink/fuchsia undertones.

Application: Again... I'm not sure. It's smooth and doesn't drag when you put it on, but... hmm. You know those lipsticks where they just won't go onto your lips straight? And they look wonky and uneven as a consequence? This lipstick does that. Maybe it's my application, maybe it's an unforgiving lipstick, but some lipsticks do it and some don't. It's a pain but I didn't feel very happy wearing it.

Kiss Test: That's quite a lot coming off there.

Lasting Power: There seemed to be a lot of colour coming off, but it did fade into an even stain, and was still on after 6 hours and a meal.

I'm not a huge fan of this lipstick, and I don't quite know why. It's highly pigmented and lasts fairly well, but it smudged at the sides of my mouth really easily, and just didn't seem to go on well. It is a good lipstick though, maybe I was in a hyper-critical mood.

For me it was a 5/10, but probably ought to be a 7!

Love B xxx

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