Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Lipstick Forever #2: 17 Mirror Shine Lipstick in Beehive

 Packaging: I really like the shape of this, particularly when the lipstick is out- it's a very classic shape. However the colours are really not too great! The neonish shiny blue doesn't make this seem like a grown up lipstick. I'm not sure I'd want to pull this out in say an expensive restaurant bathroom to touch up.

Colour: This is a pinky nude colour, it definitely falls into the 'my lips but better' category. Although in the full face photos my lips look quite bare, in real life they definitely have more of a pink tint than normal.

Application: Very very smooth and easy to apply. This feels much more like a lip balm than it does a lipstick (although it doesn't really have much moisturising effect when you wear it).

I apologise for the hideousness of my face close up here!
Kiss Test: It's somewhat difficult to see because of the colour, but quite a bit came off. Obviously though smudging is not going to be massively noticeable even if it does come off.

Lasting Power: Here unfortunately is the downfall of this product. Easy to slick on, easy to come off. As I said before, because of the colour it won't be massively obvious or leave a ring on your inner lip, but it definitely won't last for a meal or multiple drinks.

If you want a nude to wear with a dramatic eye, this is a great colour, particularly if you are pale- it will give some colour, but not enough to clash with your eye make-up. It's pretty cheap at £4.59, but even so, I find it a little disappointing. I don't mind topping up a lipstick per se, but if you have to do it every hour it's going to run out (and get annoying) very quickly, and it just seems like a lipbalm could do the same job and be more moisturising. If you want a lipstick that's low key and easy to wear, you'll love this. If you want a proper lipstick that gives lots of colour and stays on, this ain't your girl.


Love B xxx

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