Sunday, 18 September 2011

NOTD- Accent Nails

This week, I'm trying accent nails!

For my main nails, I used Gosh's Blue Balloon, and for my accent nail I used Rimmel's Black Cherries and topped it with Model's Own's Juicy Jules. I couldn't work out whether to do it on both hands, so I just did it on my left hand ring finger, and left the right hand all blue.

I really liked Blue Balloon, it applied beautifully and in two coats was fantastically opaque. As for lasting power, I've had a few tiny chips at the tip of the nails, but nothing too bad (and could probably be avoided if I used a top coat *must get top coat*). 

 I'm not completely sold on this look. I think I could have used better colours (a blue sparkle for instance) and maybe that would have looked better. I think otherwise it has the tendency to look like I got confused by nail number 4 and did something completely different. That said, I do like it- I'm not sure anyone else will, but never mind!

Love B xxx

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