Thursday, 23 June 2011

Beauty LAT: M & S Eyeshadow Palette is yummy!

So after seeing the new range of beauty products from M & S on Katie's Beauty Blog (see here: I knew I had to go and check them out! I actually really love M & S beauty, I have several of their perfumes, one of which is my favourite perfume ever, so I was really excited to see the new range.

And I was really impressed! I didn't manage to get a picture of the display, but there were lots of products, most for under £5. I snapped up this....

The packaging is functional rather than exciting, but it does feel reasonably solid, and it's nice to be able to see the colours from the outside.

This shade selection is called 'Lagoon' and is a selection of brights (there was also a palette with neutrals). Although the colours look quite matte from outside, once swatched they have a beautiful shimmer to them, and are lovely and soft. As they are shimmer rather than glitter, that means no fall out too!

The first 4 shades from the left. You can really see the difference when using the flash between the apparently matte finish and then the shimmer that comes out. Also sorry I changed the shade order between photos... *fail*.

The 4 shades from the right.

I honestly love all the shades (maybe the baby blue a little less). In particular I adore the sea green and the orange. I'm not a big orange fan but this is a nice muted non-neon shade!

A look (quickly thrown on with finger application) of the yellow and orange:

On the lids... the pigmentation is less impressive. I didn't use a primer here, so that would probably help, and with brush application. It also looked better in a different light than it did in these photos! Even as a subtle wash of colour though, they are very nice. On a separate note look how LONG my lashes look with my new mascara! :D

Overall then, although they aren't anything fancy, this palette is a great way to get some pretty and essential colours into your eyeshadow range, and at £5 you can't really go wrong!

Love Luxie xxx

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