Monday, 6 June 2011

Random Days: I'm dyingggggggggggggggg (well I was)

The weekend has been a bit miserable unfortunately! Whilst my uni mates were all off to the Summer Ball (and looking rather fabulous) I was home alone. And ill. My life is fun times. The only slight saving grace was that if I had bought a ticket and been ill I would have wasted £50 or so, so that's something.

I'm also horrendously broke (budgeting is very much not my strong suit) and so if you like I have a fair few items up on eBay including a Clarins face wash, a Body Shop Toner and lots of nail varnishes: It's worth a try! (I have sold a fair bit so far... it's just all been spent again. Fail)

New purchases: I had a mini haul (my life is too depressing to not shop, even with no money). I came home with Maybelline 24H Superstay Foundation and Dream Matte Powder, a Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer and a Gosh Nail Polish. I think the foundation is too dark though annoyingly! The Gosh Nail Polish in Miss Sweety (a kind of sherbet/burnt peach colour) should be be my NOTD, but I hate the colour on me so it went straight on eBay! Have some epic NOTD plans if I get round to it tonight :-)

Generally speaking this week has been miserable. If you have seen my Twitter I really do apologise, it's been a misery fest there! My house has been deserted yet again which is rubbish, I've spent pretty much every week this term alone... say 5 nights out 7? I'm not massively needful for social company (I like being on my own a lot of the time) but with no job or uni to go to in the day it's getting rather miserable. And I have no money to go out or see people, so it's been loserville :-( I think I might go home this week (you know it's a bad week when I run home, as I love my family but we get on much better from the other side of the country sometimes).

On the good news front though, apparently my dad has managed to get me some experience working backstage on a production of Oliver over the summer in Stevenage (have to find out where that actually is. Ahem.) so that's looking exciting, if a tad terrifying!

Hope you're all doing well.
Lux xx


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