Thursday, 9 June 2011

NOTD: Gosh's Polish in Lavender Love and Rimmel's Polish in Rose Libertine

Although I'm not very technically accomplished with nail varnish painting, I do love to mix it up and try and make plain colours more interesting! One (slightly odd) thing I love to do is rock different polishes. I know that alternating fingers in different colours is a common idea, but what about... one polish on one hand and a different one on the other? (I apologise that there aren't any photos with my hands together... but unless I grow another hand I can't use the camera!)

This idea came from Rihanna's music video 'What's My Name?'. On one hand she has baby blue nails, the other peach and I thought 'That looks so cute! And not at all mental!'. The trick is you have to find polishes that compliment each other (you might struggle with lime green and black say, unless you are very brave!). Then again, colour clashing is in this season... Essentially pick two polishes that compliment each other (or don't) and you get to look interesting and wear two at once!

I went for cool toned purples and pinks, namely Gosh's Limited Edition Nail Polish in Lavender Love, and Rimmel's 60 Second Polish in Rose Libertine.

So on my left hand, the Gosh:

I LOVE this polish. I can't oversell my complete adoration for this polish. It's a thing of beauty. This colour, a blue toned lavender, is becoming one of the 'in' colours of the season, but I think this was one of the earliest versions. It was limited edition, so you might be in for an eBay session if you want it, or check out Rimmel who I think have a similar version now. It's a kind of cornflower blue, but can look quite bright in sunlight. This is not only an amazing pop of colour, it's feminine but not girly (I like sweet and pretty but not anything brightly garishly 'girly') and it is the smoothest thing to apply. This is two coats, although one would have done fine.


On my right hand is Rimmel's 60 Second Polish in Rose Libertine.

I've been looking for a nice pink, I wanted a good colour but nothing too hot pink or Barbie. This isn't perfect, but is the best one so far. It's a fairly cool pink, although in some lights it looks quite neon for some odd reason! This is 3 coats, the formula is the usual from Rimmel for me- it's ok, but not anything to write home about, and you do need a few coats to get a bright colour (although one thin coat might give a nice sheer look). The tip wear is pretty bad, but I don't wear a top coat so I'm ok with topping up tip wear/ chips for most polishes I wear.

The two look really cute side by side, and are a fun summery look. I've also tried this with peach and jade colours, which I loved. Go rock it! :-)

Love L xx


  1. gorgeous colours! think i need to update my collection and snap these two up when i'm next out shopping! x

  2. They are aren't they! :D I think that is an epic plan! (but no blaming me when you come home with loads of other ones too haha :)) I'd definitely look at the Rimmel range if you can't find the Gosh one! xx


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