Monday, 20 June 2011

Random Days: This Week and its plans

Hello my lovelies,

Not sure how much I'm going to be around in the next week or two because next week I'm moving back home from university for good *sobs wildly*. I will try to do posts as normal, but obviously am going to be very busy!
It's not been a particularly good day, as in an experiment with some hair removal cream I'm managed to give myself some chemical burns. Ow is all I can say. Also I'm trying to avoid what would be my 3rd A & E trip in 18 months, so I'm attempting to suffer through the pain! They aren't actually that bad I don't think, so lots of healing creams should fix me up.

Exciting things I've acquired/am acquiring/am doing in the next week or so:
  • Got my nail art pens today (£6.99 for 12, thank you eBay!), which I'm very excited about because I'm quite messy and uncoordinated with nail art, so these will hopefully help!
  • I do have a NOTD post coming up which is gorgeous, but I can't find the bottle to top up a few chips and the light is AWFUL here to do pictures in, so it's all going a bit wrong! Hopefully can get around to it soon!
  • I've gone a bit Illamasqua obsessed. I've been looking over their website, and I ADORE their whole brand ethos (1920's nightclub, theatrical, dramatic). I have ordered the Liquid Light Foundation from Debenhams, mostly to check the colour, as well as try it out. I've got my eye on loads more stuff on the website, but don't really have the money to get said stuff... but I do have a discount code... It's just too hard dammit! 
  • Also a bit MUA obsessed... another lovely blogger (hi Lena :)) is sending me their new Pro foundation to try, bit unsure whether the shade will work for me (I can't find anything about the shades online) but it does look pale!
  • Got a fair few bits up on eBay, including a Maybelline 24H Superstay foundation and a Laura Mercier Oil Free one: Loved the Superstay formula, but too dark, and the Laura Mercier sadly doesn't work for me. Also nail varnishes, so check it out if you're interested!
  • I've ordered my leaving gifts for my housemates... very excited :) I've had my eye on them since about January! Will def do some photos to show you guys, because they look amazing!
  • Having a bit of trauma with sunscreen- just in such a mess with trying to find a moisturiser, sunscreen and primer combo that works for me! Also again don't have the money to keep getting expensive ones that don't work. Any suggestions of ones you guys love?

I think that covers most of the stuff going on... will try and keep posting through the chaos! Also I know I've promised you a lot of posts in previous posts as it were, they are going to be coming at some point. It's been tricky for a few of the things I'm reviewing because I keep changing my mind over whether they are good or not! So yeah... they'll turn up. Eventually.

Lots of love on this rainy Monday,
L xxx


  1. Oh gosh I totally feel your pain regarding moving out, I'm just NOT READY. Have moved out all my stuff except laptop and bag, one suitcase and room is so empty :(
    Also I found witch hazel very soothing on hair removal cream burns, if witch hazel is too strong then maybe calendula cream, that's amazing too!

  2. Hahaha you should see MY room. It's not even in the same universe as tidy, let alone packed! (literally NO clue how I'm going to get this all home. Lord.) It is going to be so sad :( Ooooh good call! I do have witch hazel, I may get on that! xxx


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