Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Shiny Things: Bloggers Rule

I have a bit of a ‘blah’ attitude to jewellery. I love pretty gorgeous shiny jewellery, but I never wear it. I mean never. I just Do. Not. Remember. To. Put. It. On. My idea of fashion and co-ordinating outfits is, if I’m honest, pretty terrible at best, but particularly with jewellery it’s a problem. My tendency to think of it at the last second usually means it’s the first sacrifice when running out of the door late. Having acquired some pretty items lately though, I do want to share them with you as I’ve been wearing them more than usual lately.

The first lot come from Vipxo’s blogshop, which you can find here: I got this Scrabble necklace:

I do like this necklace. It’s a tiny bit short for me for everyday (if you haven’t got a fat neck like me though you won’t have any issues haha :-) ) but I love the ‘B’, particularly because one of my best friends always calls me that (my real name is Rebecca, and I have about 1000 nicknames dependent on who you’re talking to).

I also got this bracelet:

Now I understand this is a tribute to an Alexander McQueen design (I’m completely clueless about fashion, but I love McQueen’s attitude, so this makes me happy!). I LOVE this bracelet! In particular I’ve loved wearing it with pretty dresses to toughen them up a little, and it goes with everything!

The second lot came from Jess, whose shop you can find here: I first saw her necklaces reviewed at ‘s blog and wanted them immediately!

First of all look how cutely they were wrapped!:

Awwwwwwwww. :D I got two necklaces:

I adored eating Love Hearts when I was younger (if you are in the dark, they were sweets with messages on them and look just like this), particularly because of the messages! I got one necklace with ‘Love You’ on, and one with ‘First Love’.

Although they are quite girly and pink (normally a scary area for me!) these necklaces are so adorable and quirky that I couldn’t resist! I’m already eyeing up some other ones if my bank balance allows…

A fair few bloggers have little shops now, and it is a fantastic way to pick up some lovely pieces. It’s nice to have something a little bit more individual and unusual than the same old necklace from Topshop or somewhere that everyone’s wearing (I’ll say it loud and proud, I hate Topshop. Or rather I’m scared of it and nothing fits me. Same difference.) It’s also a good way to expand a jewellery collection in a reasonably cheap, but good quality, way, as I believe both orders came in at under £10. I absolutely recommend you give their shops a look :-)

Love Luxie xxx

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