Thursday, 2 June 2011

Random Days: New Things To Come!

So! I hinted I was looking at another foundation after the non- matching Double Wear, and today the eBay listing ended and I got it! So (drumroll please) welcome to my life Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation!

I've been intrigued by Laura Mercier for ages because their reviews are so glowing, and they have high praise for their pale shades. I've stayed away because I always thought they were a little too expensive (we're talking £33-45). In actual fact they aren't that much more expensive than say my Clarins (which is about £24 I think?), but I seem to have an imaginary line beyond £25 where it becomes 'serious money'. However in a stroke of good luck I managed to get a new bottle, in the right formula and the right colour for £20! BARGAIN. 

I've also taken the plunge and ordered a Nyx foundation from Cherry Culture (it's somehow cheaper to order it from the USA, with postage, than the UK website... crazy times) because I've heard good things about their shades too. If you are interested in Nyx, see the Cherry Culture website because they are all on sale at the mo I think! I have my eye on a couple of other things too... groan *sells whole house on eBay to pay for everything*. You think I'm joking, it's definitely going that way!

A quick update on NARS Sheer Glow... it's on eBay, and I think I made the right call. Following some comments from my earlier blog  ( see here I purchased the Cosmo... Blender Sponge? (literally no idea what it's called) but it's essentially a copy of the Beauty Blender. I had a quick last gasp go with it to see. The coverage was ok, bit patchy but that was my application rather than anything else, but after a few hours... No. Cakey, melty, rubbish. I do (really really) want to try the Sheer Matte version sometime (I stayed away because the reviews were hit and miss) but right now I can't afford or risk that much money on something I may have the same issue with, and I don't live any near a counter to try a sample (if anyone does and wants to send me one, I would LOVE you and would pay for postage!). So that's a wishlist dream right now. Also here is my eBay if anyone wants a look:

Update 2: I had feared for my NOTD from Sally Hansen that with no topcoat I'd be in chip central... I can report, no chips, no top-ups and very little tip wear. They look a little bashed up now, but overall I'm very impressed.

So what's coming up? (when I actually get round to writing things) Ummmm *hastily checks blog folder on computer*
* Review of No.7 face creams
* Reviews of Collection 2000 mascaras
* Lily Lolo foundation review
* Some film, TV and literature thoughts
* Lights of my life series (essentially things I love)
* DHC cleanser reviews
* ... some other stuff

Hope you're all good!

Loves, Luxie xx

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