Saturday, 4 June 2011

Random Days: Does this lipstick suit me?

I recently rediscovered an item I'd abandoned a few years ago. It's this...

Chanel Hydrabase Lipstick in Rouge Peche. I'm quite proud of it (it's the only Chanel thing I own) but I've never actually worn it. I acquired it when it was left behind after a show I was doing and no-one claimed it, and at 18 I wasn't exactly going to pass up a Chanel lipstick! Unfortunately... I didn't like the colour. It's red-ish yes (love love love) but it's also very orange (hate hate hate). My reds have to be blue-reds and as deep as possible. This I thought would be too much.

I pulled it out the other day though and thought 'Hang on, this is very coral like. And coral is SO in right now...'. So honestly, do you think it works?

Ignore the rest of my face, it was 5am and I was a bit tired! It's hard to see that well I know, but it kind of works I reckon... just. A bit. With the right foundation. On a good day. Also despite being at least 4 years old, the formula is still lovely and creamy, which I'm very impressed with!


L xx


  1. I actually think it really suits you!! But then I am a bit of a Chanel fan :) also your skin looks flawless in these pics *wants* xxx

  2. It's not bad right?? It is a bit bold, so it's probably more a night look, but I like it :) haha I would NEVER guess you liked Chanel?!?!? :P lol don't worry it really wasn't in real life haha, I was testing my old Sleek one and it was really orange, it went straight in the bin after! but thanks :) xxx

  3. It's probably just because you're not used to seeing yourself in a color like that, but I think it looks great on you. I think it would look really nice if you had some bronzer on too, give you the beachy resort look with the coral lipstick.

  4. Ah very true! I'm quite scared of bronzer (I'm quite fair so don't want to look over-browned) but I do have my eye on some pale bronzers from the Body Shop, so I may check those out! Or I could chicken out and go for a peach blush at least :) thanks for the suggestion!


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