Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Random Days: Foundation Crisis

I am going through something of a foundation crisis. I know most bloggers or beauty lovers have beauty items they tend to love more than others, and others items they don’t care about. I, for instance, like blushers and eyeshadows, but honestly… I’m very rarely bothered enough to actually spend money on them (or wear them when I do buy them), more of which I want to talk about in another post soon. Foundations though are my big draw at the moment. I have currently 13 of them (I think. I counted 5 minutes ago, but I’m very tired and not quite with it). And frankly, it’s too many.

I was particularly reminded of this on Friday, when I had to pack for a few days to go home and thought ‘Oh. No. How on EARTH am I going to narrow this lot down to a few for a couple of days?’. I got it down in the end (to 4… for 4 days…), but I really struggled. I mean really, I could wear a different foundation every day for almost two weeks at the moment!

The problem with foundations is you need time to experiment properly, work out carefully the best way to apply them, and frankly? I’m fickle. I’m easily bored. I quite often abandon something if I don’t love it instantly. So that is a fault I need to work on. What do I want then, from a foundation?

I want one I like. It doesn’t have to be Holy Grail status, but I want something I can pick up for a weekend trip and know it’ll work and I’ll like it. I want something medium coverage, that doesn’t look cakey, highlights my good bits and hides my bad bits and most, most importantly- MATCHES MY SKIN TONE (it’s a lot harder than it seems).

To this end, I am going to do a mini foundation series on my foundations- first the ones I loathe, then the ones I have a love-hate relationship with, and then the ones I love. I am hoping that to any girls who are super pale (N5-10 in MAC terms) it will be really helpful, particularly if you’re neutral toned like me and can’t take too much yellow or pink. I am going to try and generally cover the formulas of them as well though so those of the not ghostly coloured skin can hopefully get a few ideas of how they work! It will cover a reasonably wide range of brands and prices (I will tell you now, all the ones I love currently are under £13) so again handy for the budgeter! Most importantly- I want it to be useful for me in terms of learning to be brutal. I’ve been doing a lot of eBaying recently and learning to let go of things I don’t use. While I don’t totally encourage selling things without giving them a proper try, it is also a good idea to not keep something simply because you like a tiny aspect of it (but hate the rest of it). It’s better to have a small collection of products that work well and you can rely on than a huge bag of products, most of which you hate and will never pick up again.

To aid this, I give you a motivational Spartan: