Sunday, 17 July 2011

3 Tips For... Blushes

Hi kids!

So I'm starting a new series, which will pop up every so often, called '3 Tips For...'. Essentially it's 3 little tips about something, I know I could always do with help and hints, particularly on certain beauty areas! Some will be widely known, some I've picked up from magazines or websites, and some I've just noticed for myself. Hopefully, it'll give some helpful hints to those struggling :)

So today, blushers! I am the worst blusher applier ever. I don't particularly like them, as with blusher I tend to look either like I've been attacked by a overeager blusher monster or like a doll with bright pink cheeks. However sometimes I do think my face can look a bit flat, especially with a high coverage foundation, and blusher can slim down my wide cheeks. So, here are my 3 tips, mostly for blusher phobics:

1) Amount and Location: Apply lightly to begin with, and build it up. If you put too much on to start with, you're going down the doll route. As to location, trace a line down from the middle of your eye and that's a good place to start. Start there and sweep back and up. Like so:

2) How to catch the light: This is particularly for pale (light pink or peach) shimmery blushes and highlighters, because it's about subtle colour and catching the light. Trace a line from the outer end of your eye down to your cheek. Start here, and make a kind of 'C' shape between that spot and the outer end of your eyebrow. I used a dark blusher in the photo below purely to show where to go, think shimmery and pale instead! This will catch the light when you move, give a subtle colour and give you a hint of cheekbones. Like so:

3) Applying liquid blusher: Liquid blushers like Benetint or The Body Shop's Cheek Tint can be tricky to apply. You can do dots or a line on your face and blend out, but this can leave darker spots of colour if you don't blend well. A good alternative method is to put some of the liquid on your index and middle finger, then blend into your cheeks in small circles, almost like you might face wash. This should give a sheer wash of colour and make it easier to blend nicely.

First 3 tips done! Hopefully they are all clear and useful :)

Loves L xxx

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