Sunday, 31 July 2011

Tutorial #1: Stormy Day

My first tutorial eep! This look is quite OTT. It's based around the idea of a 'Stormy Day'. Thinks clifftops, dark clouds, rain, dark grass, but little spots of sun shining through. Here is the finished look:

 You will need:
  • 1 x shimmer dark grey eyeshadow
  • 1 x shimmer dark blue eyeshadow
  • 1 x shimmer dark green eyeshadow
  • 1 x shimmer copper eyeshadow
  • 1 x shimmer gold eyeshadow
  • 1 x shimmer bright sky blue eyeshadow
  • 1 x black liquid liner
  • 1 x black mascara
  • 1 x purple lipgloss or balm
  • 1 x eyeshadow brush
I personally used the Sleek Original Palette and Storm Palette for my eyeshadows, as well as Urban Decay's Half Baked Shadow. I also used Revlon Colourstay Black Liquid Liner, Collection 2000 Collagen Curl mascara and No. 7 Liplicious Moisturising Balm in Purple Liquorice. Please substitute similar shades or products wherever you need to.

To start, have your foundation on and eyes and lips clear:
Step 1- Using a brush, brush the grey eyeshadow from mid eyelid up to your brow. Fill in the side towards your inner eye. Also paint it around your inner eye corner and a little of the way under your eye. You should end up with this:

Step 2- Using an object with a straight side, make a line from your lid to a little beyond the end of your eyebrow, like so:
Here I'm pressing a Blu-Tack packet into use. Oh the glamour.

Draw a line using this with the dark blue eyeshadow and fill in the gap up to the grey, like so:

Smudge the blue and grey line where they meet with your finger (or a brush if you're fancy).

Step 3- Using the gold shadow, line the rest of your under eye. Then extend it out in two streaks, one from your outer eye and one from mid eye. Think an Egyptian 'Horus' type eye:

Step 4- Put a dab of bronze where the gold and grey meet under your eye:

Step 5- Dab the bright sky blue with your fingers all over the grey and blue on your lid. The idea is to create a cloudy mix of colours:

Step 6- Line your eyelid with black liner (I did just a small line, close to the waterline, but you can go bigger) and get loads of mascara on your lashes:

And that's your eyes done!

Step 7- Pat grey eyeshadow all over your lips:

Step 8- Apply a purple lipgloss or balm over the top:

Step 9- Pat green eyeshadow over the top with your fingers. The idea is to go for a camouflage patch like effect, rather than all over:

And you're done!

It's actually slightly Black Swan as well now I look... Obviously this is a big OTT look, but you can scale it down to suit for a more sophisticated event. This is my first try at this, so I hope you like it, sorry for being so pic heavy!

Love Luxie xxx

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