Saturday, 9 July 2011

Random Days: Moving is a form of torture

Ello my lovelies!

A big apology for being absolutely rubbish over the last week or two, I've moved back home now as I mentioned before. I have to say the whole process has been a nightmare really! Packing involved 3 days of solid work, no sleep and having to abandon half my possessions (bye bye TV :( ). Unpacking is a similar nightmare! I've been home for over a week I think, I've only just begun to find my clothes and frankly can barely get in my room or find anything. Ab-so-lute nightmare. Also saying goodbye... I can't even go into. I cried. A lot.

On the plus side, being home is lovely. I missed my dog like crazy at university, so glad to be home to make a fuss of him! Also warmth and proper meals is a total win. Yum. I'm slightly terrified about having to be grown up now- I'm having to look at work experience and try to work out what I'm qualified for (i.e. nothing). I'd also like to be not quite as completely broke as I am, but that's no different from usual *sigh*.

Anyway hopefully soon (although I'm not wildly optimistic) service will be resumed and blogging will recommence, there are so many things I should and want to talk about! Hope you're all well my lovelies.

L xxx

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