Saturday, 23 July 2011

Lights of my Life #2

Things I'm loving this week...

1. My dog

I've mentioned him before, but my dog Charlie is the cutest thing ever. And now I get to see him every day yay!

2. This fake rat

Acquired during our slightly disappointing trip to Dickens World, I just think he's awesome. I want to leave him in places to scare people *evil laughter*.

3. Cabin Pressure

Cabin Pressure is an amazing radio comedy series, and it makes me so happy! It's currently on Series 3, and it's kind of like Fawlty Towers, but with pilots and an aeroplane. And it has Benedict Cumberbatch in, which is always a boon. This week's big debate was centred around how many otters can you imagine, which might give you an idea of the craziness within. Basically it's awesome. 11.30am, Fridays, BBC Radio 4. Get on it.

4. This bag

It's a make-up/skincare bag... with Marvel comics on. Thereby catering for my geekiness and beauty lover in one fell swoop. This is genius. 

5. Fizzy drinks

Terribly bad for you... so addicted to the fizz. Fail.

Love L xxx

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